Lessons in Leadership — of the People

  • Never underestimate the power of empathy
  • Give more than you get
  • Sweat the details — despite what others say and celebrate the little things
  • If you don’t want to do it, why would someone else?
  • Simply listen
  • Helping to solve challenges vs. critiquing solutions. The reality is, individuals in senior leadership roles have a tendency to manage with a downward velocity. Whether strategies, timelines, investments, resources, etc. are properly allocated, the recipient of the work is typically “on the line” without any recognition of the constraints and issues presented by those doling out the work. What I’ve learned — to make this personal, is rolling up your sleeves and helping to do the work, teaching / guiding, and above all else, listening, makes for a strong leader.

Founder, Bravery Group; Co-Founder, Trade (Acquired by ICF Next), #Strategy, #digitaltransformation #CX, #designthinking

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