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The “Other” 1% — Are You on The Endangered Species List?

If you’re not aware of all of the talk about the “1%”, you’ve most likely been sequestered in a jury pool for the past 24+ months. For those who’ve done jury duty lately, you’re not laughing. Actually, the 1% we’re referencing here is the exclusive group of marketers that represent the most effective, data driven, performance focused within the industry. Let’s stop here for a moment and take a step back. The AMA defines “marketing” as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. This definition is extremely broad, and yes, there’s a disagreement here regarding the functional role of marketing.

  • Investments in people (hiring, training, mentoring, etc.)
  • Organizational alignment (Shifts to a matrix model, yes — the loss of siloed management and “ownership)
  • Investment in technologies
  • Impacts to accounting (SaaS vs. On Premise, etc.)
  • Shifting of models that reflect “publishing” vs. traditional “linear” marketing
  • Requirement to listen and understand how to participate in the customer journey
  • Cross functional accountability (Teams comprised of technologists, marketers, data scientists, finance, media, etc. working collaboratively not within artificial org structures)
  • Technologies need to be deployed that provide a holistic view of human interactions, guided by a unified set of objectives
  • A master human record needs to exist that contains the “body of knowledge” collected from the prospect through the customer stage (old terms)
  • The Human Interactions Officer should have a collective team that’s comprised of representatives from:
  • Product / Service Development
  • BI (within the marketing function)
  • IT
  • Legal, Risk, Compliance — wherever necessary
  • Economics
  • Customer Service
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • The marketing ecosystem should live in a state of “perpetual beta”, constantly evolving, leveraging the potential of SaaS tools

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Founder, Bravery Group; Co-Founder, Trade (Acquired by ICF Next), #Strategy, #digitaltransformation #CX, #designthinking

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